March 2013 - Email Louise received from production company shortlisted as a finalist at the Washington Film Festival:- "We are planning a number of films in the near future and would love to find something suitable for you as we feel you are a very talented actress."


March 2013 - River City - During her time on set, she built up a very good rapport with the film crew and other people working on the production. She was asked to stay behind at the end of the day in order to film an additional scene:- "That's great your first job and getting asked to stay on ...... I feel a star in the making !!!! and I was there when it happened."


March 2013 - Feedback from short film Callback production team:- "Louise is very easy to work with and takes direction very well and also improvises very well. A pleasure to work with and a benefit to any production. Highly recommended."

March 2013 - Feedback from a friend and fellow actor:- "The best of luck Louise, not that you'll need it you are just a natural."

March 2013 - Feedback from a friend and fellow actor:- "I told you you are destined for good things, so don't forget your friends when you reach the top."

May 2013 - Email from a film production company based in Scotland:- "We are holding auditions for our next short film on the 5th June 2013. We would like you to audition for us."


June 2013 - Feedback from director of After The Rain:- "Your performance was breathtaking. We have watched it over and over again. You brought an atmosphere to the scene we just never expected and we could not have asked for more."


August 2013 - Feedback from a close friend and fellow linguist re. my show reel trailer:- "I love it Louise and I think you are a legend. Destined for stardom!"


May 2014 - Feedback from an audience member at Michael Pertwee's Do Not Disturb:- "Your portrayal of Mary was amazing. Nobody else could have achieved what you did in that rolel. Your portrayal was spot on and we loved it."


September 2019 - Wendy Waters Writes Words -- Pheasantry, Chelsea -- Review -- Louise came on in her own right with Where Is The Man? This was a Broadway Moment for me. She sings with the authority of a polished big stage performer. 


Then came my favourite song from FRED, I Want To Be Size Ten. Louise did it in a nicely pseudo- comic style that suites the song -- and Louise. I met Louise after the show and told her this is her song.  Size 10 is a story song much in tone and theme like some of those songs by the late Harry Chapin, an American composer and singer who stood out on his own, much in the manner of Randy Newman -- not part of the pack, his own artist doing his own thing. I think Size 10 has such quality, Wendy. And it is the song for Louise Burke. I love the lovely cute mischief in her manner of singing it, a taste of pleasant phoney haughty.