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Taste of Louise

The Musical Director obviously likes your voice and gets your special quality” — Sonja Kristina — Lead Singer, Curved Air

"I am so impressed with your UN career and your knowledge of so many languages, and now you're working in film!

— John Abraham on the set of "Tehran" —lead actor, Bollywood


You look great with those guns! I see you in a romantic comedy. Let's keep in touch” — Sandeep Leyzell (Bollywood Producer) on my role as assistant armourer — Producer (Tehran)


To be an assistant armourer (and female) on a Bollywood film set and to have managed it the way you did, you are a true example to others” — Neeyat (Bollywood production directed by Anu Menon) — lead photographer


Next movie I make, you are the heroine. No question” — Kumardev Chatterjee — CEO and founder — Entrepreneur and Investor

We’ll have you in the West End next week” — Sonia Jones — Vocal Coach and Singer (Life of Brian)

Stay blessed from the Ginger One” — Simon Britton (After seeing performance at Pizza Express, Chelsea) — Record Producer 

Well, it’s safe to say she can sing!” — Mitch Winehouse (after audience applause)— Pizza Express Jazz Club, Soho


Can I just say, it’s been a while since I have worked with an actress as talented as Louise and I just want to say thank you Louise for all you brought to our scene today” — Stacy Martin — Actress and Model


You turned up on my doorstep and you can sing the way you do. It’s quite extraordinary. You should have been standing in front of me years ago” — Mary Hammond — West End Vocal Coach and Coach to the Stars


You are going far. This is just the beginning” — Perry Costello – Armourer and SFX Technician

You have such a perfect musical theatre voice. I'd suggest putting together a BROADWAY show” — Wendy Waters — Producer and lyricist


Then came my favorite song from FRED, I Want To Be Size Ten. Louise did it in a nicely pseudo- comic style that suites the song -- and Louise. I met Louise after the show and told her this is her song.  "Size Ten" is a story song much in tone and theme like some of those songs by the late Harry Chapin, an American composer and singer who stood out on his own, much in the manner of Randy Newman -- not part of the pack, his own artist doing his own thing. I think Size 10 has such quality, Wendy. And it is the song for Louise Burke. I love the lovely cute mischief in her manner of singing it, a taste of pleasant phony haughty. Louise came on in her own right with Where Is The Man? This was a Broadway Moment for me. She sings with the authority of a polished big-stage performer” — Dale Reynolds, Reviewer, The Pheasantry, Chelsea 

Your portrayal of Mary was amazing. Nobody else could have achieved what you did in that role. Your portrayal was spot on and we loved it” — Audience Member — Do Not Disturb, Michael Pertwee

I love it Louise and I think you are a legend. Destined for stardom!” — BBC production of River City — Co-Star

"excuse me, everyone... Can I just say This girl, This girl has an incredible voice— James Sayer (After stopping a packed piano bar in central london mid-performance) — Pianist and singer and multi-instrumentalist, Players Piano Bar, Central London

Your performance was breathtaking. We have watched it over and over again. You brought an atmosphere to the scene we just never expected and we could not have asked for more” — Giorgos Iliopoulos — Director

I told you you are destined for good things, so don't forget your friends when you reach the top” — BBC production of River City — Co-Star

The best of luck Louise, not that you'll need it you are just a natural” — BBC production of River City — Co-Star

I feel you should definitely give acting a shot. Your strength would be in the sort of Jane Austen-like roles — outwardly serious girl with a seriously soft spot inside” — Kumardev Chatterjee — CEO and founder — Entrepreneur and Investor

Told you Louise stardom is just round the corner!!!, I knew you had it from day one, you are just a natural star, the best of luck and I really mean that, take care” — BBC production of River City — Co-Star

That's great your first job and getting asked to stay on ...... I feel a star in the making !!!!! and I was there when it happened”  — BBC production of River City — Co-Star

Louise is a fun and friendly person to work with. She was very professional in front of the camera and took direction well. Louise also really put a lot of effort into understanding her character and their journey which I really admired. She is a hard worker and a pleasure to work with” — Jay Paterson — Director/Producer

You’re one of us. Let me get you a real coffee cup to drink out of” — Starz, Outlander — Gary Lewis

Very professional and easy to work with. Took direction amazingly and very friendly!” — Natalie Batey — Director/Producer

Let me put you forward to the casting director for the role playing opposite me” — BBC production of River City — Frank Gallagher



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